Saturday, August 20, 2011


I am a 31 year old Momma to 3 kids and yes I am a thumb sucker! I have been my entire life. Since I was born I sucked my thumb. When I was about 12 my parents tried to end this by putting this nasty tasting crap on my thumbs but that didn't help I would suck my thumb till the taste was gone. Then they had this idea to duck tape socks on my hands .... UH NO I bit holes in them to get to my thumb. I used to be ashamed of this but not any more it is apart of me it's just another thing that makes me unique and I love it.

The thumb suckers thumb
Make look wrinkled and wet
and withered and white as the snow
But the taste of the thumb
Is the sweetest taste yet
As only we thumb suckers know

Shel Silverstein

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  1. LMAO! You're not alone, I am too bitch! WTF. Haha. Uhhh...sisters? Almost creepy? LOL.

    I refuse to believe it's a coping mechanism! I'm sure when I was a child it was but now, it's just straight apart of me. Hate that it gave me an overbite and was never able to fix my teeth but maybe someday.

    Weird I've never met another adult that's a thumb sucker!