Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wardrobe Malfunction

Apparently I have an issue with keeping myself clothed in public. So far in the past couple of weeks I've had 2 incidents. First I was walking in Walmart & feel a draft so I reach around & instead of touching my dress I get a handful of ass! Turns out my purse had caught my dress & I walked across that store with my ass out for 15 minutes! I'm pretty sure by the end I had a solid can base built up.
Then last night was my kids orientation at school & the zipper in the back of my super cute new dress gives out & rips open all down the back!!! In front of tons of parents, kids, & teachers! I then had to do the walk of shame 1/2 a mile to my car holding my dress together in the back & my oldest kid holding a piece of paper over the back!! At this point I would just like to stay in the house & never leave. But that won't happen so I will continue to go out & try to not expose myself to the public! Wish me luck