Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Music is like a kid to me...I love it unconditionally it can do no wrong in my eyes. I like all kinds I couldn't pick a favorite song if you paid me, it's like saying ok now pick which kid is your favorite...UH NO!! I love them all the same. Haha I go through these phases with my music and I will play one album over and over and over for months and then a year later if I hear one of those songs it takes me to that part of my life then, I remember how it made me feel what I was doing when I would listen to it, who I was with. It can consume me and make me forget everything. I zone out when listening to music. I love to be in the car and just blast it out and sing along as loud as I can. I will say I'm not a bad singer, I just choose to not sing in front of most people. So to wrap it up I guess today has been a lot about music for me and how much I love it and I'm sure a lot of you feel the same way :)

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  1. so true! I'm gonna use that "it's like saying ok now pick which kid is your favorite...UH NO!"

    Congrats on school! I plan to make it one day... I mean, I've accomplished marriage, birth, divorce (wait, does that nix marriage?) and now stepparenting.... school should be a breeze, eh?

    Following you now!

    -Ashley Marie