Monday, August 15, 2011

It's A Great Job

I guess I'm just gonna complain about all these other douche bag so called "moms" that don't take care of their kids. I really don't care if this pisses you off cause if it does then the old saying goes the truth hurts. I have been a SAHM for 13 years and I do believe you can be a good Mom and have a job or stay home don't get me wrong there. I'm talking about these that will have children and act like they can't stand for them to be home. Or complain all the time that all they do is fight or get on their nerves. I've even heard of some that will have one and then get fixed so they don't have to have they should in the first place! They complain that said kid gave them a stretch mark or cause them to have a belly roll. But don't forget the ones that are pissed when school is called off because to them school is a babysitter for them so they don't have to deal with the kids and as soon as they get home you hear them saying I can't wait till bed time. And of course there are the ones that let Grandma keep the kid so much it gets confused and calls Granny "Momma" and why shouldn't it when Granny keeps it more than Momma does...Geez I could just go on & on. I have 3 kids and LOVE them more than anything. I don't claim that I am a perfect Mom I'm far from it, and I don't claim to have perfect kids but I do try my best and even on our worst days it's still good. They are so much fun and I love every second I have with them. I hate when they have to go to school because it takes them away. When we have a snow day I'm more excited than they are cause I know that is a day we get to spend together! If you see me out you see my kids. I don't have help and I don't want it. I didn't have kids for someone else to raise them. They mean the world to me and I wouldn't change a single thing. Being a MOMMA is the best job in the entire world and I LOVE it


  1. Amen sister!!! LOL some of these "moms" out there really need a slap in the face!

  2. WEll said MAMA!!! I love being at home... Its one of the hardest jobs in the world:) I must admit, sometimes i do pray for bed time, or for school on a saturday... but i am lucky to be able to stay at home:) I enjoy being available 24 hours a day to make sure my kids have what they need:) They make my world go around!!

  3. A fucking Men!

    I've had to do both! working 2 jobs, night school the fucking that I am a sahm I love it...yeah they drive me up the wall but I wouldn't have it any other way. I missed out on way too much shit when I had to work.