Saturday, October 3, 2015

Being poor

Being poor is like being fat, I should know since I am both of these things. When you are poor people treat you differently. Just like they do when you are fat. They have no compassion for you at all. You get that look of disgust or of pity. "How could you let yourself get like this" they say. Neither is fun but it is life. I'm not skinny and yes I can lose weight but I will never be skinny. Yes I can get a better job but not much will change in that way either. This world is shown nothing but skinny rich people all the time that we are supposed to think are perfect and have a perfect life. If they are even a little bigger than a size 2 they are suddenly fat and are ridiculed for it. If they fall from grace and don't have all the money they once did its the same thing. So we automatically put judgment on anyone who doesn't fit in this perfect box.  But those people aren't the norm, so why do we act like it is. Most of us struggle daily with something, weather it be money, weight, depression... Etc.
So why do we not have more compassion on others, we know how hard life is.

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